Thank you very much for your membership interest in the Zen Ryukyu-Den Kobujutsu Hozonkai!

Our members are like a family. Members are never spoken to or treated in a disrespectful manner. Instructors are never humiliated.  Information flows freely and everyone has a voice. We train in traditional Okinawan and Japanese martial arts and we have fun doing it.

Th Hozonkai will consider any application for membership regardless of age, race, sex, or religious belief. There are however a few requirements for obtaining membership; the primary requirements being that you believe in studying traditional Okinawan or Japanese Martial arts, in researching, sharing information, and training. You also must be a good citizen and moral citizen. 

The Hozonkai is an organization devoid of power struggles, egos, and politics.  Our Annual three-day Gasshuku cost $150 to attend.  We have very reasonable grading fees. All member dojo (Shibu) are considered equal and each Shibu Dojo reports directly to Honbu Dojo. The organization also offers training in multiple disciplines and rank certification in all of them.  In addition to the above named benefits we also offer our members various means in which to communicate, stay in touch, and to share information; such as an organization Facebook Page, this website, and an organizational video sharing which is free to all members.

We seek serious practitioners who desire to train, research, and share information pertaining to traditional Okinawan and Japanese Martial Arts.  If you desire to be considered for membership please contact us for an application and to discuss your needs with us. Please feel free to write Mr. Jones pertaining to any questions you may have.  We welcome you to apply for membership and we thank you for your interest in the Hozonkai!