Sekai Budo Hozonkai Offers membership to All Styles and Systems of Okinawan or Japanese Martial Arts!

    • Retain control of your System and Style.
    • Promote in your style using our world recognized standards of Time in Grade
    • Enjoy Cross Training Opportunities at sponsored Camps and Seminars.
    • Receive International Rank Recognition for you and your students.
    • Add Okinawan Weaponry your Curriculum.
    • Receive Sales, Marketing and School Management Advice and Counseling.
    • The opportunity to learn Ufuchiku or Matayoshi style Kobudo



All Styles and Systems Welcome

The Hozonkai recognizes the large variety of martial arts taught all over the world all have something to offer their students. The Hozonkai is a melting pot of knowledge and information and this fact offers all of us a great opportunity by which we can grow and learn from each other.

Directors and Leaders of the Hozonkai travel and train others in all regions of the USA and abroad. Our goal is to offer all martial artists regardless of style or system an organization in which they can retain control of their curriculum, teach the way they like and receive international rank recognition, outstanding training opportunities as well as enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of other members of a huge “martial arts family” within the Hozonkai.

Below is a short list of some of the styles that currently enjoy membership benefits in the Hozonkai and the appointed style heads:

    • Okinawan Goju Ryu – Mike Jones
    • Ufuchiku Kobudo – Mike Jones
    • Ryukyu Kobujutsu
    • Matayoshi Kobudo
    • Isshinryu – Jeff Davidson
    • Sukinhayashi Shorin Ryu
    • Seidokan Shorin Ryu
    • Shito Ryu Motobu Ha
    • Shito Ryu Kuniba Ha
    • Shito Ryu Kurobayashi-ha – Dawn Croft
    • Japanese Goju Ryu
    • Uechi Ryu
    • Yoshukai – Howard Upton
    • Kozan Yanagi Ryu Aikijujutsu
    • Shinden-Ryu Jujutsu
    • Aikijujutsu
    • Toyama-Ryu Iaido
    • Muso Jikishin Eishin Ryu Iaido


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